Bali State Polytechnic is a high educational institution oriented to applied and vocation paths.  As a vocational educational institution, Bali State Polytechnic has several advantages.  First, the length of study is well controlled with a very well established system.  It is exceptionally beneficial to the students, in term of both their time and mentality.  Second, the graduates of Bali State Polytechnic have the largest placements opportunity, because they already have qualifications required by the industries: skills and professionalism.  Third, the graduates of Bali State Polytechnic are able to continue their study to higher level of education. BSP consist of 6 departments and 11 study programs.


1. Civil Engineering Department

  •     a. Civil Engineering  Study Program (D III)
  •     b. Construction Project Management Study Program (D IV)

2. Mechanical Engineering Department
    a. Mechanical Engineering Study Program
    b. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Study Program

3. Electrical Engineering Department
    a. Electrical Engineering Study Program
    b. Information System Study Program

4. Accounting Department
   a. Accounting Study Program (D III)
   b. Accounting Management Study Program (D IV)

5. Business Administration Department
   This study program has three concentrations: Secretary, Business Administration, and Marketing

6. Tourism Department
    a. Travel and Tourism Study Program
    b. Hotel and Hospitality Study Program

Beside the six departments above Bali State Polytechnic will also conducting Open Distance Learning (ODL) for all study programs.  Moreover, it has some non-regular classes for industries and darmasiswa class. Darmasiswa is an Indonesian governmental scholarship program for overseas students who wish to learn Indonesian language and culture.