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Civil Engineering Department

The Civil Engineering Department was established to produce professional graduates in design and construction, for examples: building structure; hydraulic structures (e.g. dams, irrigation, drainage), and transport  facilities (roads, airports, harbors). Starting from 2007, Civil Engineering has been applying curriculum system with competency basis and been supported by computer application in designing structure. Moreover starting 2009, this department will introduce its Construction Management Study Program D IV.

The graduates of this department can occupy wide posts of occupation, such as  designing consultant, contractor, supervisor, or establish their own business. That is why a subject of entrepreneurship is given as one of the core subjects. It is expected that they will have the ability in creating job opportunities. The fact shows that 25% graduates already have their own companies.

Beside a BSP certificate, the graduates of this department will also be given a certificate from Lembaga Pengembangan Jasa Konstruksi (constructing service development institution).