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Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering Department produces professionals in Maintenance and Service Engineering, i.e. maintaining and servicing the industrial machines and automotive. Therefore , the  graduates can work at every industrial sector.

Moreover, the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, as a new study program, is the first one in East Indonesia. The graduates are widely needed by almost every industry.

Graduates are provided with highly qualified skills.  They are able to design and produce metal equipments; to conduct technical material tests; to design and construct pneumatic and hydraulic control system; to conduct automotive installation, maintenance, and service; to operate and analyze the disruption of automotive pump and compressor machines, as well as cooling machines, like: refrigerators and air-conditioner. The students are also provided with IT skills, particularly CNC planning as well as designing AC, and the skills in welding steel and other materials. It is hoped that the graduates can occupy the posts in industries:  as supervisor in refrigeration and engineering sectors as well as the head of workshop.