International Relation


Cooperation and Development Unit of BSP has been formed in 1986 with the main task to endeavor all the potential resources in order to improve the quality of service both for the internal customers and the external customers (government institutions, industrial community, and other higher education institutions). The improvement of the quality of the service for the internal customers are more emphasized on producing qualified professional graduates to fulfill industrial demand and in creating new job opportunities.Whereas, for the sake of external customers, the improvement has several objectives:

  1. to make an harmonious partnership between BSP and the stake holders (government institution, industrial community, and other higher education institution) in order to minimize the gap between the institution and the industrial society.
  2. to endeavor all the available potential at BSP in order to create cooperation between the stake holders so that the development of BSP has same direction with the development of technology and industry.

Job Placement Center(JPC) was established to be a media of BSP in making cooperation with related industries in Indonesia and other countries especially workforce recruitment for graduates and alumnae of BSP. Moreover through the Career Center the students are also given the needed skills so that they are ready in winning the competition in finding jobs.

International Relation

This sub-section unit is under “The Cooperation and International Relation Unit”. This was established in 2007, functioned to do the international joint-cooperation between BSP and other university or institution around the world.

One of the current cooperation was between BSP and Rajamangala University of Technology (RMUTP) Phra Nakhon, Thailand on the area of (1) student and staff exchange program, (2) staff development such as training experiences and maybe further study, (3) co-research projects, and (4) visiting lectures.